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9:00 a.m.-
10:50 a.m.
  Adobe Illustrator: Master the Fundamentals, Plus Power Tips and Tricks
(We recommend that you bring your own laptop, loaded with Adobe Illustrator software, to this session.)
2 BASI/MASI Credits
This beginner-to-intermediate course helps put Adobe Illustrator’s power and flexibility at your disposal, starting with an overview of the program, from navigation to sending final artwork. In this hands-on session, you’ll become familiar with Illustrator’s graphical user interface and workspace, and you’ll explore the basic elements that make up vector graphics: paths, strokes, fills, anchor points and typography. You’ll also learn how to use each of the program’s powerful drawing tools, including the pen tool. You’ll explore tracing bitmap images, manipulating typography, trapping colors for print, and creating color separations for multi-color imprints. You’ll build gradients and halftones, and then apply these features to objects and text to create professional-quality artwork. We’ll also highlight some of the most popular features in Illustrator, including The Envelope Warp menu and distorting and transforming objects. Finally, you’ll create a logo and set it up to easily print for decorating almost any product. Start here for everything you need to know to create vector artwork for your imprints.
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11:00 a.m.-
12:30 p.m.
  CorelDRAW Insider: Designing and Decorating Tips and Tricks
(We recommend that you bring your own laptop, loaded with CorelDRAW software, to this session.)
1.5 BASI/MASI Credits

CorelDRAW is a powerful graphics suite known for being affordable and easy to learn. Successful promotional product agencies and apparel decorators use the software to manage the graphic process. In this hand-son session you’ll begin to master the basics and learn the essential CorelDRAW features, such as:          
  • Understanding your work environment
  • Learning which tools to master first
  • Working with text properties
  • Creating basic text effects.
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1:00 p.m. -
2:50 p.m.
  Become a Heat-Press Pro and Accelerate Your Profits
2 BASI/MASI Credits
You can drive more profits to your decorating business by steering more work in-house, rather than outsourcing or subcontracting. In this hands-on workshop, Stahls’ educators will demonstrate how easy it is to imprint products and apparel with custom screen-printed and digital transfers. You’ll discover profit-making technologies and get tips from the experts, including:      
  • how owning a vinyl cutter provides your business with greater versatility and profits
  • how and when to use each type of heat transfer to achieve stunning finishes and special effects  
  • what kind of return on investment to expect along the way.            
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3:00 p.m.-
3:50 p.m.
  Where Versatility Meets Profitability: Master Full-Color Digital Printing
1 BASI/MASI Credit
From garment decoration to decals and large banners, you can become a one-stop shop for all of your customers’ needs. Stahls’ educators will show you how to diversify your decorated-apparel business, and will share their expertise on how to print any full-color logo for any customer. From cotton and polyester to leather, neoprene and more, you’ll discover the tools and skills needed to print your way to big profits. Whether it’s ordering banners and digital transfers, or purchasing a print/cut system to print them all in-house, Stahls’ experts will show you how easy and profitable it is to D.I.Y. (Decorate It Yourself).  
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