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9 a.m.-
9:55 a.m.
  Lead-Generation Made Simple: Grow Your Customer Base in 21 Days
Many advertising specialty distributors struggle through grueling, repetitive cycles of cold calls and rejection just to bring on a single new client. They spend weeks or even months pursuing an appointment with a particular prospect only to find out the person isn’t even qualified to buy. If you’re ready to trade in the anxiety and frustration of the “standard approach” for a tested, proven process for bringing new customers through the door like clockwork, then this session is for you. Discover the simple steps you need to take to turn the tables on rejection and begin getting new customers within 21 days.
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10 a.m.-
10:55 a.m.
  Leverage Online and Offline Connections to Build Your Business
In today’s digital age, we’re presented with countless opportunities to network and develop relationships with ease, both online and in person. In this can’t-miss session, you’ll learn how to combine a traditional selling approach with the new social selling in the digital age. You’ll acquire the techniques and skills necessary to effectively engage and convert buyers within the online and offline community and positively impact your bottom-line results. You’ll leave armed with:
  • Ten top tips for networking success
  • Tricks for building and engaging connections to drive sales
  • Ways to create a plan to identify prospects and build relationships
  • The knowledge you need to gain network referrals.
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11 a.m.-
11:55 a.m.
  Profit From Social and Mobile Marketing
There are lots of social media platforms and smart mobile marketing tactics that you can use to reach your prospects and customers. In this session, you’ll discover how in less than an hour a week, you can create a powerful social and mobile footprint to increase visibility and connect with prospects and customers – and gain a competitive and digital advantage. You’ll leave knowing how to:
  • Use simple, actionable online tools and tactics to make money from your social and mobile marketing efforts
  • Turn “likes,” follows and other online interactions into recurring buyers
  • Manage and grow your online reputation
  • Avoid cash-sucking pitfalls and time-wasting missteps.
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12 p.m.-
1:25 p.m.
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Networking Lunch: Ask the Experts Anything
(First come, first served)
ALL LEVELS – 1.5 Credits
In this fast-paced lunch session, you'll discuss hot topics with our popular ASI Show speakers, subject-matter experts and your distributor peers. Want to know how other industry members are dealing with a top business challenge? Or what hot markets others are finding success with? You'll get the answers to all of your burning questions, along with fresh ideas for doing business in 2015, when you spend one-on-one time with other ad specialty professionals during this unique networking opportunity.

Expert Presenters
Tim Andrews,   ASI Natalie Henley, Volume Nine
David Blaise, Blaise Drake and Associates Bobby Lehew, Robyn Promotions
Mary Blondell,Stahls' Marki Lemons-Ryhal, Marki Lemons Unlimited
Jay Busselle, Affinity Express Gill Lindsay, A+ Career Apparel & Image Wear
Matthew Cohn, ASI Heather Lutze, Findability University
Ryan David, ASI Bill Mahre, ADG Promotional Products
Tom Donlin, ADG Promotional Products Brian McLeod, Stahls'
Chris Flynn, Fields Lisa Peskin, Business Development UniversityÂ
Lillian Glass, Dr. Lillian Glass Ford Saeks, Prime Concepts Group
Carleen Gray, Stahls' Dave TenEyck, Fields Ford Saeks, Prime Concepts Group
Mary Grimm, Stahls' Chris Vanderzyden, Chris Vanderzyden Global
Joe Haley, ASI Ron Williams, Fey Promotional Products
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1:30 p.m.-
2:25 p.m.
  Create a Financial Plan to Accelerate Growth
The fear of money, and misunderstanding business numbers, often holds businesses back from achieving their full potential. According to the Small Business Administration, one-third of new businesses fail within two years, and 56% within the first four years; the primary inadequacy cited is lack of financial knowledge.

Real growth occurs when time is spent focusing on the long-term planning of a business, and the numbers are a key component to planning and achieving maximum growth. In this presentation you’ll learn strategies to overcome financial fear, how to understand the value numbers provide, and the importance of developing an action plan to ensure the highest level of performance within your business. You’ll leave with:

  • Clear steps to understanding the complete financial picture of your business
  • The knowledge to assess and utilize key financial metrics as tools to expose business strengths and weaknesses
  • The secrets to overcome that nagging fear of money that impedes the flow of money into our businesses
  • Tips on creating an action-based financial plan to drive your sales numbers, profit margins and income.
About Chris Vanderzyden

2:30 p.m.-
3:25 p.m.
  Get Searched: Drive Customers to Your Website
Want to take the guesswork out of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing? In this session, you’ll learn easy SEO strategies to find your customer online, connect with them meaningfully and get them to take action on your website. By the time you leave you’ll understand:
  • How to know when a searcher is ready to take action
  • Why Internet marketing plans fail and how to avoid common mistakes
  • How to research keyword searches in Google
  • How to estimate and then measure ROI for an Internet marketing campaign
  • How Google views websites and how to stay optimized for top results
  • How you can make an action plan for implementing these strategies and tips.
About Natalie Henley

3:30 p.m.-
4:25 p.m.
  The Instant Expert: Become a Promotional Consultant
We all know that consultative sellers often earn many times what typical product sellers earn. For that reason, the sooner we can begin to function as a true promotional consultant, the sooner we can increase our income. In this groundbreaking session, business-growth expert David Blaise will empower you with the consultative questions and tools you need to accelerate your results, position yourself as an expert and serve your clients as a true consultant.
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