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Get answers to your questions, expand your knowledge and improve your ROI when you follow this proven-effective 5-step Exhibitor Success Program. America’s leading tradeshow productivity expert, Jefferson Davis of Competitive Edge has developed and refined this program over the last 30 years.
STEP 1. Download Planning & Implementation Tools: 
  1. Download your 16 Week Tradeshow Planning Spreadsheet
    Click the following shows to add reminders to your calendar on when to start your planning.
  2. Exhibit Cost Control Spreadsheet
  3. Exhibit Performance, Value and ROI Measurement Spreadsheet

STEP 2.  Schedule and Complete Strategic Planning Exercises:
  1. Define Your Outcomes16 weeks prior
  2. Identify & Attract Your Ideal Visitors12 weeks prior
  3. Manage Your Visitor’s Experience10  weeks prior
  4. Manage Your Leads6 weeks prior
  5. Measure Your Performance, Results & ROI –  4 weeks prior and update after Show

STEP 3. Learn and Succeed With Live & On-Demand Webinars:
LIVE! Exhibiting Cost Control: Tips & Tools for Saving Money & Getting More Bang for Your Buck
Thursday, March 14, 2019 • 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm Eastern

Tradeshows are a big investment of human and financial capital. The average company spends 40.3% of their annual marketing budget on exhibit/event marketing.  Too often, oversights and errors cause expenses to exceed budget. What are the major expense areas? How much should you allocate to each area? How can you more effectively track and control exhibit spending?  What techniques are savvy exhibitors using to better control costs and get the most bang for their tradeshow dollar? These important questions and a whole lot more will be presented in this information rich webinar presented by Jefferson Davis, one America’s leading exhibit experts.

LIVE! Tradeshow Social Media Best Practices: Optimizing FREE Marketing to Build Your Brand & Drive Traffic
Thursday, May 2, 2019 • 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm Eastern

When used properly, social media can be an extremely effective media for building your brand and driving qualified booth traffic. Research finds that most exhibitors are not taking full advantage of this free marketing opportunity. Register for this FREE educational webinar sponsored by AAPM to learn the best tradeshow practices for using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram more effectively.

ASI Show Exhibitor Web-Briefing: How to Have a Positive and Profitable Exhibiting Experience
View by date: Upon signing space contract

As an ASI Suppler Member, we want your company to join our list of “lifetime” exhibitors. For this to happen we realize you need value and results from your investment. That’s why we are asking all exhibiting and non-exhibiting companies to participate in a special web-briefing before the Orlando show.

In just 45 minutes, without leaving your desk, ASI staff and America’s leading tradeshow productivity expert, Jefferson Davis of Competitive Edge, share important information about exhibiting at ASI Show, and provide useful knowledge and exhibiting support tools and resources critical to your company’s success.

No matter how long you’ve exhibited at trade shows, we guarantee you will leave this web-briefing more informed, more focused, and better prepared with practical tools to exhibit successfully at the ASI Show

Topics include:

  • Important things to know about ASI and our shows
  • What makes ASI Show different and valuable
  • Understanding the ASI Show attendee
  • Your exhibitor support team
  • Navigating the Exhibitor Service Kit
  • Overview of resources available to exhibitors
  • ASI staff’s top tips for new exhibitors
  • The real power of exhibiting effectively
  • Calculating your potential sales opportunity
  • 3 links of the tradeshow success chain
  • 5 critical exhibiting success factors
  • 10 biggest mistakes exhibitors make
  • Q&A

Session includes an electronic custom participant workbook.

High-Impact Pre-Show Planning:  How to Manage Your Exhibit Program for Maximum Results
View by date: 16 Weeks Before Show

How to Make YOUR ASI Show Exhibit Stand Out From the Crowd
View by date: 14 Weeks Before Show

Attendees have over choice about where to spend their time and are very selective about which exhibits they visit… Is YOUR exhibit a worthy destination? What are the key factors that determine whether an attendee notices an exhibit and stops to enter, or passes right by? What adjustments and improvements can you make to deliver a higher quality attendee experience and increase traffic and dwell time in your exhibit? These important questions and many more will be answered in this all new exhibitor webinar presented by tradeshow expert Jefferson Davis of Competitive Edge.

Register for this highly informative live webinar to take a photographic journey delivering dozens of strategies and tactics to improve your exhibit visibility and effectiveness.

Topics Include: 

  • The 3 primary reasons people attend tradeshows
  • Research on the 3 things most important to attendees about an exhibit
  • 5 keys to a standout exhibit
  • 6 practical ways to increase your exhibit’s visibility in the hall
  • The critical importance of accessibility and navigation
  • How to create meaningful, interactive attendee experiences in your exhibit
  • Strategies for improving attendee comfort and dwell time
  • 6 factors that impact visitor recall and build memorability
  • Q&A

Session includes an electronic custom participant workbook.

High-Impact Pre and At-Show Marketing:  How to Build Brand Awareness & Drive Qualified Booth Traffic
View by date: 10-12 Weeks Before Show

Secrets of the Aisles: Critical Skills Every Booth Staffer Needs to Know and Master
View by date:  6 Weeks Before Show

Lead Management & Measurement:  How to Improve Lead Quality, Sales Conversion and Measure Performance, Value and ROI
View by date: 4 Weeks Before Show

STEP 4. Read Articles for Additional Insights:

Plan for Success/Manage Your Money:

  1. NEW! Two Important Outcomes Your Exhibit Should Deliver
  2. What Role Should Show Location Plan in Your Exhibiting Decision?
  3. 32 Ways to Stretch Your Exhibiting Dollar
  4. Planning to Win: Exhibiting by Objectives
  5. The Most Overlooked Key to Exhibiting Success

Promote Your Participation:

  1. NEW! Discover & Deliver Your Attendee-Focused Value Proposition
  2. NEW! Integrating Social Media Into Your Exhibiting Program
  3. The Single Most Important Factor Impacting Exhibiting ROI
  4. High-Impact Pre-Show Marketing
  5. How to Rewrite Your Exhibitor Listing to Drive Booth Traffic

Create an Effective Exhibit:

  1. NEW!  9 Steps to Stand Out and Be Remembered at Your Next Show
  2. NEW!  Improving Exhibiting Effectiveness e-book
  3. Booth Location Blues
  4. So Why Should an Attendee Visit YOUR Booth?

Prep Your Staff:

  1. NEW!  Conducting Effective Pre-Show Staff Meetings
  2. Tradeshow Attendee Rules of Engagement
  3. Staffing for Success

Manage Your Leads:

  1. Improving Lead Quality by Asking the Right Questions and Capturing More Information
  2. Closed-Loop Lead Management – How to Capture Higher Quality Leads and Convert More to Sales

Measure Your Performance & ROI:

  1. Exhibit Measurement Made Easy – How to Measure Exhibiting Results and Return on Investment

STEP 5. Ask Our Team of Tradeshow Experts

Get free, quick expert answers to your most pressing questions from Jefferson Davis and his team. Submit your question now!





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