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9 a.m.-
9:55 a.m.
  Develop a Highly Effective Sales Game Plan
Most salespeople wake up in the morning, check their voice mail and email, check for the appointments on their schedule and from there… they wing it. However, the most successful sales superstars have well-defined game plans, including very specific activity and results goals that guide their daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly efforts. In this session, you’ll discover an easy process that will help you analyze your business and develop a personalized strategic game plan based upon your role, business and past successes. This session will ultimately help you maximize your time and efforts, increase your sales pipeline significantly and close more business on a consistent basis.
About Lisa Peskin

10 a.m.-
10:55 a.m.
  The Power of Body Language: Discover What Your Clients Aren’t Telling You
ALL LEVELS – 1 Credit
Being able to read and understand body language can be your secret weapon when dealing with clients, whether you’re meeting for the first time or negotiating a multi-thousand-dollar deal. For example, if someone has reservations about dealing with you, using positive body language can minimize their hesitation. In this interactive workshop, you’ll discover how to tell when your client isn’t giving you an honest answer, and ways to fine-tune your own non-verbal cues to improve your vocal, speaking and communications skills. By giving your body-language style a makeover, you’ll gain the winning edge in your personal and professional interactions.
About Lillian Glass

11 a.m.-
11:55 a.m.
  5 Ways to Win Big Corporate and Nonprofit Clients
Every distributor wants to know how to land the big accounts, and in this session, business-growth expert David Blaise will explain how to do just that. In this information-packed session, you’ll discover the five proven methods for pinpointing the perfect larger corporations and nonprofits to target. You’ll also learn how to identify and establish contact with likely buyers within the organization, and find out what larger clients are really looking for – and how to position yourself and your company to deliver these powerful campaigns. From targeting the specific accounts you want, to overcoming many of the objections common to larger clients, you'll come away from this session with the action plan you need to convert big corporate and nonprofit prospects into clients today.
About David Blaise

1:30 p.m.-
2:25 p.m.
  Loyal for Life: Build Trust, Credibility and Revenue
ADVANCED – 1 Credit
If you really want to get an edge over your competition, one key strategy for doing so is to always have a full sales pipeline. In this session, you’ll also discover a counterintuitive strategy that will take the mystery and fear out of competitive dominance and lead generation. Ford Saeks’ innovative market-domination strategies modernize the customer-engagement model by applying reverse psychology: placing the influence in the buyer’s hands rather than the seller’s. This hands-on sales training seminar will reveal underutilized methods that you can use to attract qualified prospects, increase conversion rates and quickly grow your bottom line. You’ll leave knowing how to:
  • Immediately build trust and credibility that will foster customer loyalty
  • Create a successful buying culture
  • Set your lead-generation efforts on cruise control
  • Become a true and lasting sales leader.
About Ford Saeks

2:30 p.m.-
3:25 p.m.
  Earn More by Doing Less: How Million-Dollar Producers Sell
ADVANCED – 1 Credit
If you could track the activities of million-dollar producers, you’d discover that instead of doing more work than their lower-performing counterparts, they’re actually doing less. Specifically, they’re doing less of the work that costs money and more of the work that makes money. In this eye-opening session, business-growth expert David Blaise will reveal a handful of actions that million-dollar producers perform better and differently than those who sell less. You’ll leave armed with the tips you need to start performing at your peak.
About David Blaise

3:30 p.m.-
4:25 p.m.
  Living the Charged Life: Rev Up Your Sales and Success Now
Dramatically growing your sales and profits – even achieving $1 million in sales – can be easy if you’re living a wholly charged life. Proforma founder and CEO Greg Muzzillo will share the easy-to-implement personal and professional secrets he used to build a $25 million distributorship from the ground up in this powerful session. This course is designed to help both business owners and sales professionals create an actionable plan to achieve their first $1 million year or add $1 million to their annual sales. Proforma has more than 100 individuals who have achieved $1 million to over $25 million in sales using these very secrets and strategies. Additionally, in 2012, Inc. magazine included eight Proforma distributors who work with Muzzillo in its prestigious list of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies.
About Greg Muzzillo
12:15 p.m.-
1:15 p.m.
  The Affordable Care Act: How It Will Affect Your Clients’ Buying Decisions
ALL LEVELS – 1 Credit
In this session you’ll learn about details of the Affordable Care Act (commonly known as ObamaCare), its effect on the promotional products industry and the new opportunities it offers distributors. This interactive session, presented by a retired health care provider, will give distributors the facts they need to know about the ACA, along with actionable information they can put into use immediately. You’ll leave knowing how the ACA will cause product sales to shift, why your perceived value to your clients might not be what you think it is, and exactly what you can do to take advantage of the opportunities that never existed prior to the ACA becoming law.
About Ron Williams

1:30 p.m.-
2:30 p.m.
  Increase Your Close Rate: 7 Secrets to Success
ADVANCED – 1 Credit
What does it take to be really successful in sales? What are the qualities and skills of sales superstars? What are the top ways to hit your sales revenue targets on a consistent basis? In this dynamic session, you’ll hear about the seven key sales fundamentals that will enable you and your entire team fill the sales pipeline with qualified prospects on a consistent basis and significantly drive revenue by exponentially increasing your close ratios.
About Lisa Peskin

2:45 p.m.-
3:45 p.m.
  Dig Deep: Discover Your Client’s Needs and Sell More
ADVANCED – 1 Credit
Our technology-driven market has radically shifted business-to-business sales away from the old-school, solution-based selling. Today we have more competition and enormous price pressure, which makes navigating the sales process in the Digital Age much more challenging. The behavior of buyers has changed, and our sales style must adapt to the new environment in order to achieve sales success. You’ll leave this session knowing how to:
  • Ask the right questions to overcome price pressure and close deals
  • Develop a collaborative sales style that speaks your client’s language
  • Understand the behaviors of buyers and the impact on the sales process
  • Uncover the buyer’s true needs
  • Create a system of continuous new qualified buyers to keep your sales cycle flowing.
About Chris Vanderzyden