Education Tracks
  Get Your Company On The Fast Track!
9 a.m.-
9:55 a.m.
  Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities: Increase Performance and Profits
EXECUTIVE – 1 Credit
Imagine achieving incredible results again and again. Get ready to fast-track your company and your life to the next level with breakthrough strategies for business owners and executives. Ford Saeks, who has sold millions of products in various industries, understands how to look at success, innovation and life a bit differently. He unravels the core to achieving greatness, freeing the optimal “you” and unlocking the hidden potential of your team so that you can increase performance and profits. Saeks’ “Signature You” blueprint is a self-discovery process that demonstrates how to instantly improve your mental agility, optimize critical thinking and elevate leadership performance levels. In this unique and dynamic session, you’ll learn how to turn obstacles into opportunities, and gain straightforward insights to produce better, smarter and lasting results.
About Ford Saeks

10 a.m.-
10:55 a.m.
  Top-Level Branding: Tactics to Market Your Business Online
EXECUTIVE – 1 Credit
The world of online marketing is rich with opportunity, but how do you decide which platforms and tactics work best for your company’s overarching branding and marketing goals? By starting with a powerful strategy. In this session for C-suite executives, you’ll learn how to create a game plan to communicate your company’s unique brand (including selecting the right target market), how to decide on the most effective platforms to deploy your distinct message and which tactics have proven to be the most successful for connecting to and converting customers online. You’ll also see real-world examples from industry superstars and super brands in the business-to-business marketing arena.
About Bobby Lehew

11 a.m.-
11:55 a.m.
  Sales Superstars: Get the Most Out of Your Team
EXECUTIVE – 1 Credit
In order to significantly grow and scale your company, it’s necessary to have a highly effective sales team. Lisa Peskin, founder and CEO of Business Development University, has spent the past 20 years managing, leading and developing strong, effective salespeople and teams. In this session she’ll share the best practices for structuring and growing a highly effective sales team, and discuss ways to find and develop organized, motivated and effective sales superstars. You’ll leave knowing:
  • The best ways to set clear expectations with your sales team
  • How to hold them accountable to their goals without micromanaging
  • The three areas that can be improved to have the biggest impact on the team’s success.
About Lisa Peskin

12 p.m.-
1:25 p.m.
  Secrets of Successful Women: Empower Yourself to Become Exceptional (Feel free to bring your own lunch)
EXECUTIVE – 1.5 Credits
The work environment in the advertising specialty industry is evolving, and the female-to-male ratio has grown, especially in recent years. Today, there’s a great opportunity for women to embody and express their innate power and purpose they bring to their organizations. This unique session for women will spotlight the multitude of strengths they bring to their jobs, and show them how to optimize their contributions for the betterment of themselves, the workplace and the community. In addition, you’ll learn to identify gender gaps in communication, work styles and roles within any organization, and leave knowing key ways to bridge those gaps and create a productive dialogue. Feel free to bring your own lunch to this interactive session, which will also feature a panel discussion with successful women in and outside of the industry; they’ll share how they’ve overcome obstacles in their careers to become the leaders they are today.
About Jessica Hutwelker

1:30 p.m.-
2:25 p.m.
  Serious SEO Strategies: Dominate the Search Engines
EXECUTIVE – 1 Credit
As a leader in your company, you know the importance of being getting your website found by customers who are ready to buy. In this session, you’ll learn the tools of the trade for online marketing strategies that create huge visibility and bottom-line growth for businesses of all sizes. You’ll also gain access to data that was historically only available to marketing "SEO geeks.” This session will pull back the curtain and give you real numbers on your competitors and customers, allowing you to create a website, social media and blogging strategy that ranks everywhere, connects and converts for real sales results.
About Heather Lutze

2:30 p.m.-
3:25 p.m.
  Improve Your Workplace Dynamics: Use Body Language to Hire and Train
EXECUTIVE – 1 Credit
There’s a lot that people aren’t telling you – unless you really read and understand body language. In this can’t-miss session taught by a communication and body language expert, you’ll discover how to become skilled in recruiting, hiring and training your staff by using the power of non-verbal communication. You’ll learn how to choose the best candidate from your interview pool, ways to communicate effectively, and how to build relationships and inspire employees at all levels to excel. By the time you leave you’ll know how to:
  • Interview candidates both verbally and non-verbally
  • Avoid hiring “toxic” people and zero-in the best hires
  • Build a harmonious team based on staffers’ personal characteristics
  • Interact with your team and give feedback in a charismatic way
  • Create a positive corporate culture from the top down
  • Project your own positive body language.
About Lillian Glass

3:30 p.m.-
4:25 p.m.
  Bridge the Age Gap: Succeed at Generational Marketing
EXECUTIVE – 1 Credit
As you lead your company, make sure your marketing messages don’t get lost in the generational buying frenzy. In this information-packed session, you’ll learn how to identify the diversities of younger demographics, capitalize on untapped opportunities and communicate more effectively with today’s younger buyer. You’ll leave knowing how to:
  • Understand why the same old marketing messages don’t apply in today’s marketplace
  • Craft compelling value propositions that appeal to different generations
  • Make customers, from Baby Boomers to Millennials, cling to your every word
  • Harness the power of generational marketing for the long term.
About Ford Saeks