What people are saying about the ASI Roadshow

“The biggest benefit of exhibiting at the Roadshows is getting to meet the distributors in the local area and getting to learn about their clients and their biggest challenges. It helps me to become a better partner with them. Overall, it’s been a good show!”
~ Patty Conyers, Gill Studios, Inc., asi/56950, Exhibitor

“These shows allow us to see a lot of the advertising specialty clients who work from their home or in the field and are not necessarily at their company’s office. For sales reps in the field, it allows them to touch more than the normal 3 or 4 clients you can see in one day. We get a mix of both prospects and current clients too, so for us, the Roadshow is more than worthwhile.”

~Dave Roberts, Heritage Sportswear + Virginia T’s, asi/60582, Exhibitor

“I sell at the shows, so I’ve been able to close business with qualified people. I exhibit at all of the ASI Roadshows and ASI Shows. ASI rocks!”

~David Haynes, Action Illustrated, asi/12310, Exhibitor

“We can actually talk to everybody and engage with them, find out about their business. At the bigger shows, people can be in a rush to get their badges scanned and keep moving. Here, they’re open to talking about growing their business. When you consider that a lot of distributors do less than $250,000, that’s a large population, and not all of them have budget to travel to a big show, so they rely on smaller ones that come through their area. This hits a segment of the industry that I can’t see at the big shows.”

~Melinda Marr, Hotline Products, asi/61960, Exhibitor

“This is my first Roadshow and I’m glad that I came! All of the suppliers here have been helping to educate me, so I just have to go back to my office and digest all of this. I came here looking for suppliers to help me with specific projects, and in fact, I just spoke with a supplier and left with some samples that I think I’ll be able to use to satisfy my client.”

~Mike Devaney, Calico Enterprises, asi/155780, Attendee

“I’m having a good time! The exhibitors have been very friendly and exceptionally helpful. I’ve gotten a lot of great ideas and I have some fabulous samples coming my way, which I’m very excited about! This is my first ASI Roadshow and I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s been great!”
~Kim Fallon, King Medical Systems, asi/242477, Attendee

“The day’s going wonderfully! We met suppliers that have been really helpful with ways to gain more business and help us sell more product. We’re very pleased! We always do the Roadshows, and always will! They let us see local suppliers, which we’re very interested in because it cuts down on delivery times, and we’re able to talk more personally – they know the area, they know the business in the region and they know what we’re after.”

~Gloria Brown, Lastari Nicglora, Inc., asi/249814, Attendee

“The biggest benefit of being at the ASI Roadshow is the one-on-one personal contact with the different suppliers and getting a feel for the product, aside from just looking at it online or through a catalog. We have gotten some very good ideas for customers that we’ll take samples back to and ultimately get the sale.“

~Maggie Arentz, Promotional Products, Etc., asi/301085, Attendee

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